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When it comes to metal free dentistry Antioch Premier Dental will help you make the best decision that is right for you.

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Safer Choice For You And Your Family

There have been many research indicating that using metal in dentistry can be damaging and lead to health issues. Mercury and other metals can be toxic when used in dental work. The change in temperature can affect the metal and weaken a tooth, which can lead to bacterial infection and decay.

This is why metal free dentistry is the safer choice for you and your family. You can choose ceramic porcelain that is known for its strength and longevity.

Or you can choose composite fillings that are made of resin and contain a mix of plastic or glass. They are similar in tone and texture to a natural tooth. These fillings are tougher than metal fillings and can repair teeth better because they contain an adhesive that keeps the integrity of the structure of the tooth. Composites are versatile in that they can fix wear and tear as well as breaks and chips in the tooth. Metal-free dentistry allows for a natural looking restoration while conserving natural tooth structure and can eliminate black lines around the gum line.

What are the benefits of composite?

There are many reasons why choosing composite can be a great decision:

What are the benefits of ceramic?

Ceramic porcelain share many of the same advantages as resin composite and you can add these reasons why ceramic porcelain may be the best choice for you:

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You no longer have to suffer through mercury and other bad materials. There are safe alternatives today with either composite or ceramic fillings. Call us today and get the best metal free dentistry Antioch has to offer you. We are a family oriented practice that has been serving Contra Costa County for a long time successfully helping many families with their oral health needs.


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