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With all the tools and technology that is available nowadays, old practices (like kissing a donkey when you had a toothache) are antiquated. At Antioch Premier Dental you take care of you with the most up-to-date procedures so getting regular dental cleanings and examinations are easy and help prevent major oral health issues.

What is a dental exam?

A dental exam is an important part of your oral health preventive care as your dentist or hygienist cleans your teeth and check for cavities and gum disease. It can also include X-rays and other diagnostic procedures to look for any oral issues and abnormalities. Most dentists recommend a visit every six months as a preventative measure against cavities and other oral health issues.

What to expect

When you come for a visit at our Antioch Premier Dental office, your dentist or hygienist will ask about your health problems and if you are experiencing any pain in your mouth. We will also go over your medications and how they might be affecting your oral health. For example, you are at risk of gum disease if you have diabetes.

Your dental visit will include evaluating your overall health and oral hygiene, including any risk of tooth or root decay and gum or bone disease. Your dentist will look for any signs of oral cancer by looking in several areas, including inside of your lips and cheeks, sides of your tongue and the roof and floor of your mouth.

We will check your bite and jaw for any existing problems. Your Antioch dentist or hygienist will remove stains or deposits on your teeth and then show you how to properly clean your teeth or dentures. If you do have prosthetic replacements like dentures or bridges, we will examine them to see how they currently fit and whether they need adjustment.

We may request X-rays to allow your dentist to see detailed images of specific sections of your mouth. X-rays can let your dentist to see specific problems and make a more accurate diagnosis. However, X-rays are not needed at every visit.

At the end of your exam, your dentist will discuss your oral health, including your risk of tooth decay and gum disease, and then provide information to help you improve and protect your oral health.

Top 10 benefits of dental cleaning and exams

Here are 10 of the top reasons why getting a regular cleaning checkup and exam is important to your oral health:

  1. Can detect early signs of issues such as broken fillings
  2. Fresher breath because good oral hygiene prevents bad breath
  3. Get a whiter smile
  4. Prevents cavities and the build-up of plaque
  5. Prevents gum disease
  6. Reduces the risk of heart disease
  7. Remove stains off your teeth
  8. Routine cleaning can detect early stage of oral cancer
  9. Savings because regular cleaning can catch a problem before it gets worse
  10. X-rays allow your dentist to see and diagnose issues that may not be visible to the naked eye

After your visit

It is important to follow the information we give you during your regular exam to prevent future cavities and plaque build-up. Make sure you brush your teeth at least twice a day with toothpaste that contains fluoride, floss once a day, and use a mouthwash to fight bacteria and keep your breath fresh.

Antioch Premier Dental

Our family oriented practice has been providing dental exams to local families for many years and ensuring they are free of cavities and any oral health issues. With years of experience, our dentists and hygienists have the education and experience to solve any of your dental needs.

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