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When it comes to regular dental checkups Antioch Premier Dental will keep your breath smelling fresh and your teeth sparkling white.

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Every tooth is unique: every single tooth in your mouth is different in size and shape. And that means your smile is truly one-of-a-kind. It is a reflection of your individuality

That’s why it is important to maintain your regular dental checkups in Antioch: to keep your teeth and gums healthy. During a checkup, our hygienist will perform a professional cleaning to remove any plaque and tartar buildup and then polish your teeth. Our dentist will check your overall oral health and ensure there are no issues with your teeth and mouth.

What to Expect

During each of your regular dental visits, you can expect for our dentists to check and examine your teeth and gums for your overall oral health and for our hygienist to do a thorough cleaning of your teeth. X-rays may be taken to look in details what is going in your mouth, including whether you have any cavities, gum disease, or any other dental issues.

One of the key parts of the visit is to focus on plaque and tartar on your teeth. Plaque is a sticky layer of bacteria that can harden and turn into tartar and eventually cause oral diseases. Scaling is part of removing tartar.

Another important aspect of the checkup is to look into your gums with the use of a special tool that measures the depth of the spaces between your teeth and your gums. The Antioch dentist will also make a thorough examination of your tongue, throat and head looking for any signs of swelling or even cancer.

Yes, oral cancer is a real threat to your well-being and it’s important for your dentists to look for signs of cancer. Your dentist is a specialist in oral hygiene who can do a thorough job of oral cancer screening.

Finally, your teeth are cleaned and polished before flossing your teeth to ensure all areas between your teeth are clean. You will get information on how to keep good oral health habits, including brushing and flossing more effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should you get a dental checkup?

The general consensus is to go for a dental visit every six months to keep good oral health. Your dentist can discuss your situation with you and advise what is best for you.

Does bad oral health affect the rest of my body?

Think of your mouth as a sort of gateway to the rest of your body. If you have a cavity or gum disease and it is left untreated, these issues can lead to more serious problems in your overall health. What you swallow, like oral bacteria, goes into the rest of your body. And that can eventually lead to health issues such as heart diseases. As you can see, your dentist does more than just clean your teeth and mouth. It’s preventative care.

How often should I change toothbrush?

There is a reason why your dentist gives you a toothbrush and special care package at the end of your visit. It is important to switch your toothbrush every three months. Think of using two separate toothbrushes between your dental visits. If you have a bacterial disease like gingivitis, you may want to change to a new brush every four to six weeks.

When is the best time to brush and floss?

Always brush and floss at night. Why? Because nighttime is the time when bacteria is most active, which can cause cavities and other oral health problems. Remember to go to bed with a clean mouth.

What are the Top 10 signs you need to see a dentist?

Top 10 signs that you may need to see a dentist if you experience any of the following symptoms:

  1. You are currently going through chemotherapy or other similar treatments
  2. You feel your mouth is dry a lot of the time
  3. You have a sore that is not going away
  4. You have bad breath in your mouth
  5. You have difficulty chewing or swallowing food
  6. You have pain in your mouth or face
  7. You have something that does not feel right in your mouth
  8. Your jaw hurts when you open and close your mouth
  9. Your gums bleed or feel puffy when you brush or floss
  10. Your teeth feel sensitive to cold or heat

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