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If you need teeth whitening Antioch Premier Dental can help restore your beautiful white smile.

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Do you wish for a brighter, whiter smile?

An in-office teeth whitening is one of the most popular dental procedures that helps to rejuvenate someone’s smile and deal with discoloration on the teeth can become an issue over time.

Many people get the teeth whitening treatment because teeth tend to get discolored with age. And there are factors that can result in staining of your teeth, including various foods and drinks as well as regular smoking.

This procedure usually only requires one visit and yields immediate visible results. It is often done by putting a protective gel or rubber shield on your gums for protection before applying the whitening product to your teeth. The active ingredient is usually hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, which breaks down with the oxygen getting into the enamel of your teeth to make it turn a lighter color.

How long does teeth whitening last?

It can last a few months and up to three years depending on the individual’s habits. The results will not last as long if you smoke or drink red wine or coffee, all things that can stain your teeth.

What are the side effects of teeth whitening?

You may experience some sensitivity to your teeth, especially to cold, for a few days. You could also feel some discomfort in your gums or have white patches on the gum line.

The sensitivity should only be temporary and disappear within a few days. If sensitivity continues, make sure to see your dentist as soon as possible. Be aware that people who overuse whiteners can end up damaging tooth enamel or gums.

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If you are ready for whiter and brighter smile, call us today and get the best teeth whitening Antioch has to offer you today. Smiling affects how you interact with other people and gives you a psychological boost.

The act of smiling can alter your mood and actually help you live longer. Our family oriented practice has long been serving Contra Costa County and helping residents get that sparkle back in your smile.


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