Complimentary Oral Wellness Scan ($500 Value)

Exclusive for all new patients in Antioch, California

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New Year, New You

The Annual Oral Wellness Scan

Complimentary to all New Patients ($500 value)

  • Many people are unaware of the close connection between their dental health, and their overall health and wellness.
  • Prioritizing good oral health can have a big impact on your quality of life and your ability to prevent some disease.
  • Having a digital scan of your teeth allows us to monitor the health and stability of your teeth and gum tissue, monitor changes in your bite, and any shifting of your teeth.
  • We can use these scans to print 3D models of your teeth and the models help our treatment plan and proactively visualize treatment outcomes.

Dr. Elmirra has been Antioch's full-time dentist since the start of the pandemic. She truly believes in treating her patients like family.

With her contagious laugh and detailed treatment plan options, she strives to provide quality dental care to all individuals of the Antioch Community.

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